Her Violent Delights.//

I adore you. I love life. Florida born and raised. I abhor angry people. I cannot be contained in this mind of mine. My soul is made of music. Laughing enables the breath to come easier.
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IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN. #RobinBitch  (at The House Of Misfit Toys)
Letter from the Quiet, Part II. (at Apollo’s mind)
Letter from the Quiet, Part II. (at Apollo’s mind)
Few things: - Started new meds. May take a couple weeks before results are seen. Should hopefully gain some weight back, have more energy, etc. Cross your fingers guys! - So excited for baggy tops and tights season!!! Bring on the chilly weather! - My dad said I don’t take enough selfies. So…I suppose I’ll try to do that more, so he knows I’m alright 😉
I’m currently obsessed with the following songs: Take Me to Church (Hozier), Ghost (Henderson), Raise the Dead (Rabin), Centuries (Fall Out Boy), Bloodsport (Richie), Broadripple is Burning (Margot &..)
Love Love Love. Mostly how much he’s like me, and she’s like Cass…even if we don’t share any genes to make it so. ❤ (at my aching soul)
I wither and fade
teeter on the brink
But you hold, never falter,
the skin and bones 
I have become.//
 (at Apollo’s mind)
Letter from the Quiet, Part I.  (at Apollo’s mind)
The kids had so much fun at the park today!!!  (at Bayview Park)
/Well tell me, did Venus blow your mind? Was it everything you wanted to find? And did you miss me while you were busy looking for yourself out there?//  (at Seville Quarter)

“For Fur so healthy it shines!”

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I’ve had the best weekend. But Friday night with the pack was definitely the loveliest. While turning the living room into a dance floor with @_leiluna and @cptawesum was the only time I stopped to take a pic. There’s so much love in my soul for all my loves. (at The House Of Misfit Toys)
All I want is for all the world to fade away, when my body is a cage. So I wave my flag, crawl on hands and knees to my bed, and a hush befalls the chaos as I sleep.  (at Apollo’s mind)
I can’t stop what I feel. But I can devour the words of everyone before me who felt the same, and learn to bleed more beautifully my emotions through a pen.