Her Violent Delights.//

I adore you. I love life. Florida born and raised. I abhor angry people. I cannot be contained in this mind of mine. My soul is made of music. Laughing enables the breath to come easier.
{ wear }

So, Stiles is at home and has done everything he can possibly think of to do. Melody is away at school and Derek is working on a big job. He needs a hobby. He’s been meaning to organize their photos…and so he finds himself surrounded by glue, tape, matting, and every picture they’ve ever printed, starting a collage. A collage that at first seems easy and organized and it’s going to be so neat and he should do this with all of their photos and oh my god when is it going to end there’s just so many and so much room and fuck it he’ll just put them wherever he feels like it. 

I did this for the awesome The Rory to my Amy series, which was written by the fantastic Erinpond here on tumblr. This is my first graphic, ever…so I apologize for that. haha. Come to think of it, this is technically my first drabble as well (if that even qualifies?!?!?). Also, if anyone wants to link this, that would be BRILLIANT, because I have no idea how to do that.